Meet RealBOKS Creative, Shauna Morrissey

Besides Joe, I have two great passions in my life... art & horses. I have spent the majority of my life in the studio exploring the nature of color, aesthetic and creativity. I started my journey with furniture.

Known for its bright colors and handcrafted style, my handcrafted furniture could be found all over the world. In 2007, I started to feel the impact of the impending financial crash. Closing my furniture studio was an extremely difficult decision for me to make. By 2009, with the furniture studio officially closed, I had difficulty figuring out my next steps...

With furniture no longer my focus, I picked a brush and applied it to canvas for the first time. I explored many different genres. I was on a personal journey of self exploration. Music, or rather the rhythm of life was at the center. These are a few of the pieces created during this time of self reflection. It wasn’t long before my painting career took an amazing turn...

A good friend asked, out of the blue one day, if I would paint her puppy. I was thrilled to have been asked and set to work. This portrait became the catalyst for Barking Art. Over the next decade I had the great honor of immortalizing over a thousand beloved family pets.

With the move to Kentucky and the creation of our passion project...RealBOKS, I feel that all I have learned over the last few decades has come together in  harmony providing all the knowledge needed to make this new adventure an astounding success!

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